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Published by admin on 11-04-2018

So on my quest to keep trying new low cost shops, to keep my budget down i found which sells food and other product past or just before best before by date.

My order came to £55.11 and according to there system i saved a massive £55 which is half the cost. The biggest saving in my eyes was the Costa coffee at £1.99 per 200g we tend to go though a lot of coffee ground or beans so that saved us a small fortune.

The delivery was great cost £5.99 for 25kg but gets cheaper if you order tons mine arrived in a large box 3 days after order inside the box was 6 smaller ones and packaging was good nothing broken or damaged glass jars were wrapped great.

Food : some of what we had ordered was 6 months past best before but still tasted great and a lot cheaper then paying full price nobody in the house noticed anything different, so it seems it is another thumbs up for us the only annoying fact is stuff sells out so quickly, so with the stock selling out so fast two weeks are never the same shopping from here.

check it out for yourself in the above link

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