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Cut price Barry's discount food shop

Published by admin on 11-04-2018

i have just discovered this company and though i would give it a go i spent £50 including delivery on cupboard stock really juice, crisps, biscuit, noodles, cereals etc. I decided i would do i price check to see how much i saved it worked out i saved a massive £56 if i ordered though the supermarkets and that is not including delivery etc. My order arrived within 4 days of ordering and they even rang me when they had ran out of a product to let me know and ask what i would like instead or a refund for that amount, customer service is great and very polite.

so what is cut price Barrys basically this shop sells nearly out of date or just out of date food at around half the cost of the supermarkets, delivery is only £3.99 for up to 25kg and they also take paypal which is great when trying a new shop.

safe to say i will be using again.

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