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Nursery food and allergy's

Published by admin on 18-08-2017

So my son Matthew has nursery graduation today, his school is doing a ceremony and a party for them, food donations welcome one. Me and Matthew made some cakes but because of a few people in his class suffer from food intolerance's i decided to make wheat free, dairy free, egg free and nut free. i know how hard it is for people with intolerance's as Matthew was dairy intolerant as a baby and my hubby is lactose intolerant. i know most people don’t think of this and i hate people feeling left out so made the whole class free from cakes so will update later to see how the go down with the kids, i hate the fact all the free from stuff is a lot more expensive.

quick update the cakes went down a treat with all the kids and teachers.

Every day i seem to find another company starting to make free from which is great for far too long the market has been lacking.

This is the latest new company i have came across. my husband loves the pot noodles and we all love the chicken curry.

It is still hard to find However larger supermarkets seem to stock i few bits at the moment mainly Tesco but there is none local to me, asda online is better for me.

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