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Preschool and nursery

Published by admin on 18-08-2017

When Matthew turned two he started the local preschool on his 15 free hours, Then last September he started the nursery that was attached to his school. Today i received his learning journey book to bring back and basically it looks like he never learnt anything at all in the 9 months at the school which is not great.

His school basically updated his file once a month and his class size is stupid at over 35 kids with only two main teachers and one full class assistant and two single child help.

However his preschool was great we had 4 to 5 teachers with no more then 15 kids in the classes and Matthew loved it and was constantly learning new things, his file showed it too with nearly daily updates of his progress.

safe to say if we ever had another child we would just stay with preschool till reception class.

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