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Round the twist Benton

Published by admin on 18-08-2017

So on Monday i took my son to Round the twist in Benton as its the school holidays and one of his best friends fourth birthday.

So the admission price was £6.95 quite high in my eyes for a four year old, as it was are first time going we went in and it was really busy and very loud, looked clean and tidy though. Half hour in my son wants to go on the go karts so i walk over with him and i am informed it costs an extra £1 a go gave them some money and Matthew really enjoyed himself on them. My thoughts are if you are paying nearly £7 to get in they really should be free.

Food prices are not to bad however my friends kids pizza was half a bread bun instead of a pizza base. Toilets were also nice and clean however with it being a very busy soft play you need more toilets and possibly some smaller ones for little bums . All staff were really friendly and easy to talk too.

over all experience was very good and will probably return when off peak as it is cheaper.

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