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Lactose free strawberry cheesecake recipe

Try your hand at making this delicious lactose free cheesecake, this is a no bake light cheesecake perfect for all the family.

The Method

Place digestive biscuits in a bowl, crush till they look like bread crumbs.

Melt all the margarine then mix with the biscuit crumbs.

ine a loose bottomed baking tin and spread the biscuits around the base gently pressing down on the top then place in the fridge.

While that is setting, place all the cream into a large bowl and whisk until it forms soft peaks, slowly add soft cheese and icing sugar and continue whisking until no lumps.

Dice up 100 grams of the strawberries and place it into the mixture whisk until slightly pink.

Place on top of biscuit base and decorate how you like and put it back into the fridge for at least 4 hours,


  • wheat icon10 Servings
  • wheat iconReady In 20 minutes prep 4 hour chill
  • wheat iconAverage Cost:
  • wheat icon Calories Per Serving

Ingredients Required

200 grams digestive biscuits.

70 grams vita lite margarine.

250 ml lactofree single cream.

150 grams lactofree soft cheese.

140 grams icing sugar.

200 grams fresh strawberries.

Allergies & Intolerance

  • lactose iconLactose Free
  • egg iconEgg Free
  • nut iconNut Free
* Disclaimer please check all your ingredients used as manufacturers products may vary
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