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Dairy free chocolate mousse

Try this light and refreshing chocolate mousse quick and easy to make

The Method

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water, try not to let the bowl touch the water.

Next in a bowl place the egg whites and orange and whisk until soft peaks are formed.

Gradually add the sugar continuing whisking until it forms firm stiff peaks.(basically you can tip the bowl upside down and it wont fall out.)

Remove chocolate of the heat once melted allow to cool for a few minutes, then place half the egg whites into the chocolate and fold until mixed add the second half continuing to fold until done try to keep as much air in the mix as possible.

Place into dishes place in fridge for around two hours.


  • wheat icon4 Servings
  • wheat iconReady In 30 mins
  • wheat iconAverage Cost:
  • wheat icon Calories Per Serving

Ingredients Required

200 grams dairy free dark chocolate.

6 egg whites.

1 teaspoon orange juice (or lemon.)

50 grams caster sugar.

Allergies & Intolerance

  • dairy iconDairy Free
  • lactose iconLactose Free
  • wheat iconWheat Free
  • gluten iconGluten Free
  • nut iconNut Free
* Disclaimer please check all your ingredients used as manufacturers products may vary
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