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Sanctuary spa purifying charcoal shower burst

Published by admin on 31-07-2017

I signed up to talk to mums about 6 months ago as they pay you to hand out free samples to other mums and dads, they also offer free samples every now and again, if accepted you get the product leave a review no money though just free goodies. I received my sanctuary spa purifying charcoal shower burst this morning expecting a sample size bottle and received i full size one. Average price seems to be between £5 -£7 which for this mam is quite a lot i rarely ever spend more then £1.

I put Matthew to bed and decided to jump straight in the shower, it first comes out the tin like a thick black gel and once mixed with air and water becomes a white foam that feels like silk on your skin. and leaves you smelling nice my skin is softer and feels cleaner.One bit of advise is if you have a cut or sore anywhere on your body try and use something else as it really stings even after an hour out of the shower.(lol)

over all so far this is one of the best i have ever used

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